Migration from analog to a new IP-based HDTV video system

Axis network cameras improve hotel security and employee productivity

We are very happy with the new IP video system, which provides us with excellent performance and a return on investment that has been faster than expected. The truth is that, once installed, it has not given us any problems. The quality of Axis products is satisfactory.“ Ana Agut, Manager of the Belair Hotel.


The Belair Hotel offers many IT-based services, with first-rate infrastructures and equipment. It originally had an analog video surveillance system consisting of 16 black and white cameras, a multiplexer and VHS tape recording. The system eventually broke down, which presented the perfect opportunity to migrate to a new video surveillance system.


The hotel management opted for a proposal from Quinteiva IT Services, an Axis partner, who recommended installing a state-of-the-art IP video surveillance system providing high definition images (HDTV).


As soon as the new IP video system was implemented, hotel management noticed a drastic reduction in security incidents and an increase in employee productivity; aware of the presence of the cameras, they worked harder to fulfill their professional duties.

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