KT Olleh Avenue uses Axis IP cameras for smart store operations

Network surveillance system uses people counting to lowers costs and maximize store efficiency and management

“The automated system greatly reduces the workload of employees and saves costs. In particular, I am very satisfied that the accurate numerical data ensures smart store management and improves customer service.“ KT Olleh Avenue Gangnam Store.


KT Olleh Avenue Gangnam Store is a 24/7 open space where customers have the opportunity to experience and learn about the latest IT devices like smartphones and tablet PCs. Here, visitors can subscribe to all KT’s wired and wireless products, receive customer counseling, get their terminals serviced, and enjoy games, movies, and other multimedia contents. The name Olleh Avenue comes from ‘avenue’ that means street and access road. It signifies a special place where KT can connect, communicate, and commune with customers. As a space for total customer experience, the Olleh Avenue store needs accurate statistical data to ensure the best possible service and customer experience. To this end, employees counted customers manually as they entered the KT store. This system was inaccurate and interrupted other store operations. A solution was urgently needed that would count visitors in real time around the clock.


After the KT Olleh Avenue Gangnam Store had been in operation for some time, management began considering an alternative method of counting customers. A low-cost, easy to install and operate system was needed that would accurately collect the vital data without disrupting the store’s décor or distracting the employees from their primary duty of delivering customer service. Axis’ partner Sunjin Infotech proposed the AXIS M3203 Network Camera with integrated AIXS People Counter for round-theclock operation. Now installed at the entrance to the KT Olleh Avenue Gangnam Store, this system provides effective data acquisition and store management.


The people counting function of the Axis network camera installed at the entrance to the KT Olleh Avenue Gangnam Store accurately counts customers in real-time around the clock. Administrators need only connect to the camera from a PC to see the hourly/daily/weekly/ monthly number of visitors, and there’s no need to save the data in a separate server.

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