Cometsambre’s industrial site protected by Axis IP cameras

A combination of compact and discreet adjustable PTZ fixed dome cameras keeps Cometsambre in control

“We are very satisfied with the Axis solution. We have reviewed our security policy successfully and have found the ideal total solution thanks to Axis cameras in combination with video analysis and a security management system.“ Vincent Bodson, Chief Executive, SA Cometsambre.


SA Cometsambre is part of the Comet group, specializing in the acquisition, sale, and treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and their derivatives. The group has since its founding become the largest industrial client and supplier to the steel industry in Belgium. The main activity is the recycling of ferrous metals. Since the plant’s launch, a security company has been employed to guard precious merchandise on-site on a 24/7 basis. This quickly became a very costly solution. The company thus looked for a more viable and effective alternative in terms of cost: video surveillance with video analysis and a management solution.


The combination of different types of Axis network cameras with ACIC video facilities and a solution to monitor management and access to Genetec proved to be the best solution for the 8 hectare site. Considering its compact design and resistance to vandalism, a dome camera was the clear solution. In addition, it is difficult to detect where the camera is pointing, making it particularly discreet. The dome camera maps out a specific area with optimal image quality. As the area is very extensive, a complementary Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera was chosen to guarantee optimal flexibility. A total of some 30 Axis network cameras have been installed by Digital, the specialist in video surveillance solutions and IP monitoring access.


Each part of the solution is complementary, creating overall high-level security. The synergy between the high-quality Axis camera network that could be integrated with access monitoring and a video analysis system led to a spectacular reduction in the number of incidents.

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