Hard-working industrial zone cleans up the streets with IP video surveillance

Axis PTZ dome network cameras increase arrest rates and provides a safer environment for the inhabitants

“The unparalleled quality and functionality of Axis products as well as the professional support available has assisted Myertal in delivering well beyond our client’s expectations.“ Warren Myers, CEO, Myertal Tactical Security (Pty) Ltd.


Epping, a bustling industrial center in the Western Cape, is home to more than 700 businesses employing roughly 20,000 individuals. In an attempt to reverse the ravages of urban decay, a section 21 company was founded by community members to supplement the basic services offered by the local municipality. Predictably, the alleviation of crime is one of the crucial objectives of this company.


Axis' partner Myertal Tactical Security appreciated the shortcomings of relying solely on the physical presence of patrol cars in such a vast area. These reaction vehicles require direction and can only respond to incidents that are immediately visible to security personnel. An Axis IP surveillance solution was identified as the most effective method of coordinating the movements of armed response and law enforcement, thereby providing a safer environment for the inhabitants of Epping City Improvement District (ECID).


The faster response time, coupled with the capability of monitoring numerous zones simultaneously, has resulted in a significantly increased arrest rate. Footage is also being utilized for perpetrator identification and positive prosecution. Business owners are able to concentrate on their individual endeavors uninhibited by the constant threat of the devastating economic and psychological consequences of crime.

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