Axis puts Lazarus Motor Company in the driver’s seat

Lazarus Motor Company upgrades to an Axis digital solution

“Our business relies on security that is pro-active and effective with limited down-time. The Axis digital solution not only fulfills all of these requirements but throws in superb image quality as well.“ Francois Maartens, Head of Security, Lazarus Motor Company.


Lazarus Motor Company has a long and illustrious history in the motor industry. Founded in 1957 as a family business, it now boasts six leading brands, a car rental division, as well as vehicle insurance and financing facilities. An out-dated analog system featuring 115 CCTV cameras was beginning to prove expensive, unreliable and substandard in terms of image quality.


Lazarus Motor Company’s security provider since 2008, Shop4Security, demonstrated to management that a digital system was the simplest and most effective surveillance option. Axis network cameras; offering full HD video quality, extensive support, ease of installation and advanced video analytics features clinched the network video decision. Shop4Security oversaw the implementation of a fiber infrastructure in order to ensure improved bandwidth capacity to carry the video over extended distances with no interference from external noise such as computers, fluorescent lights, power lines or lightning.


All work processes, operational areas, entrances and exits are monitored around the clock from a centralized, technologically sophisticated control room. The risk of running 80% of analog cameras without backup power has now been eliminated. The full HDTV image quality allows security personnel to react immediately to suspicious behavior that was difficult to observe from the blurry footage previously available.

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