Shopping securely in the Swiss pharmacy network

Anti-theft video surveillance with Axis network cameras

"All in all, the video surveillance with Axis network cameras has increased the feeling of security for everyone: the employees and customers feel they are better protected and management can see that the employees can now react better to theft and troublesome behavior from customers." - Antoine Ody, STVS SA.


Amavita, the largest pharmacy network in Switzerland belonging to the Galenica group, makes an important part of its sales with creams, bath additives and the like. However, it is particularly the perfumery departments which display attractive self-service products that are an easy – and popular – victim for shoplifters. In 2006, the pharmacy network planned to install a powerful and reliable surveillance system. From the outset, they wanted more security for their customers and employees, and were also interested in the financial aspects, as Amavita sales losses from shoplifting were significant. This goal defined the requirements: the system had to provide clear images, be easy for staff to operate on-site and have enough memory capacity for video feeds to monitor every entry point and cash desk. In addition, the IP-based video surveillance system including network cameras had to easily be integrated into the existing central IT system at Galenica Holding’s head office in Berne.


After a successful initial test, Galenica decided to install a solution based on network cameras from Axis Communications, which are controlled by STVS’s ProVision software and are linked to Galenica’s head office via the IP network. The company decided to install this video surveillance system in all of Amavita’s new or newly renovated branches. By the beginning of 2009, ten Amavita pharmacies were equipped with Axis network cameras and the ProVision software. In all, more than 60 cameras were installed. The Amavita branches are each equipped with a video surveillance system suited to local conditions. On average, eight surveillance cameras were installed per pharmacy; the camera models Galenica chose consisted of a variety of fixed and PTZ domes, including AXIS 209MFD, AXIS 212 PTZ, AXIS 216MFD and AXIS 225FD, depending on requirements. The cameras monitor the entrances, exits and cash desks in particular. Each branch also has an AXIS 292 Network Video Decoder and analog monitors so that it can be seen from outside that the pharmacy is under constant surveillance. All cameras are linked to a central control room in Galenica’s head office in Berne.


The new system transmits crystal-clear images. The Axis network cameras can be easily operated and the stored data is very stable. Thanks to the software, recordings of past incidents are easily found. Security at the branches has notably improved as a result, in line with the goal of the Galenica management. Since the installation of the new video surveillance equipment, shoplifting in the respective branches has fallen considerably. As high-quality video images of specific incidents can be retrieved with the system as and when required, there have been several cases where the local police have been able to identify and arrest shoplifters with the help of the surveillance images.

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