Axis enables optimum surveillance for City Inn Manchester

Hotel makes the move to IP-Surveillance system thanks to Axis network cameras and video encoders

"Following a spate of thefts from our hotel that our existing surveillance system had failed to capture, we decided we needed to upgrade our system for a more advanced solution. Kings Security was able to provide us with an IP solution based on Axis’ products that was able to provide the coverage, image quality and scalability needed by the hotel. We are now able to share footage with our head office across the network and the quality of the images is outstanding." - Neil Heselwood, Maintenance manager, City Inn, Manchester.


Following a spate of thefts that its existing analog-based CCTV surveillance system failed to pick up, City Inn in Manchester, UK, decided to upgrade its system for a higher quality, more advanced solution. The hotel approached Axis partner Kings Security to provide a solution with extensive camera coverage and increased recording capacity. As the analog system was a recent investment, the hotel was keen to adapt it rather than start from scratch.


The solution recommended by Kings Security was well received by the hotel’s management team as it could offer more coverage across the hotel. Building on the existing analog-based system, Kings Security provided an IP-Surveillance solution that incorporated the hotel’s existing cameras and 33 new network cameras. In order to improve the image quality that the analog cameras could deliver, two 6-channel AXIS Q7406 Video Encoder Blades were used to convert the analog data stream into a digital H.264 stream. Kings Security also installed 23 AXIS P3301 Network Cameras, four AXIS 216MFD Network Cameras, three AXIS 225FD Network Dome Cameras and three AXIS 209MFD Network Cameras. The new H.264 technology offers improved storage capacity allowing for recording time to be increased from 10 to 30 days. It also allows for easy addition of new cameras to the system if needed, and in certain areas of the building the number of cameras has been reduced as the Axis network cameras are able to cover a wider area per camera without compromising image quality.


City Inn, Manchester now has a high-quality, advanced surveillance system which fits its needs perfectly. The hotel’s existing analog cameras have been integrated into the new network-based solution which has helped keep costs down. The number of cameras in the hotel has been increased to ensure optimum surveillance. As the system is unmanned, image quality is very important to allow the recordings to be easily reviewed, and the quality provided by the new system is much improved. The ability to share footage across the network is also extremely useful to the hotel and it now has a system with the scalability it needs.

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