Intelligent medical monitoring

Axis helps Xiamen Xianyue Hospital substantially increase ward safety factor

“After careful considerations and a multi-faceted selection process, we have selected Axis Communications for this project. It is proven that the network video surveillance system installed by Axis is able to meet the high standards of our hospital, with a high level of stability, reliability, and artificial intelligence. It has greatly improved the management efficiency of our hospital, providing the patients and our staff with a strong security system.“ Nie Xiaowei, Chief of the IT Department, Xiamen Xianyue Hospital.


Xianyue Hospital is located south of Xianyue Park in the central region of beautiful Xiamen Island. Situated beside hills and the sea, Xianyue Hospital was established in 1960. It is currently the only third-level grade-A psychiatric hospital, responsible for the hospitalization, outpatient treatment and other medical care for mental patients both within and around the Xiamen area, and mental patients who are non-Xiamen residents in dire need. The hospital covers an area of 50,000 square meters. There are 300 additionally planned hospital beds, with 345 beds already opened for patient use. There are over 2400 patients checking in and out annually. There are also over 120,000 annual out-patient visits.


According to the actual needs of Xianyue Hospital, the network video surveillance system needed to include a monitoring system for healthcare procedures and the office area. This system uses digital network cameras to provide real-time and effective monitoring, video display, and recording of all entrances, office areas, the warehouse area and the entrance and exit of personnel. Meanwhile, the network video surveillance system also uses advanced decoding, storage and network transmission technology to realize the functionalities of remote control, video transmission, intelligent control and historical data query.


The Axis network cameras depend directly on an IP-based network (LAN/intranet/internet) to transmit digital video images. With sufficient bandwidth, users can browse through SD and high-definition real-time videos through a client on any one of the networked computers, anywhere, anytime. This allows for a visualized management system, increasing the diversity of the system. A brand-new monitoring network that is both simple and flexible has been built by using Axis network cameras, which is also highly scalable. This system can meet the growing demands of the hospital’s surveillance system. Through adding new load-balancing network video servers or new network cameras, this system can be flexibly extended to meet new needs.

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