Advanced intelligent management takes efficiency to new heights

Axis helps build management system for Puyang Tobacco Board

“The installation of a network video surveillance system will ensure that the management of the Tobacco Board can perform timely and accurate assessment and examination of the work and efficiency of the staff from all departments.“ Zhang Maodi, Platform Manager, Digital China Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou.


In order to enhance security capabilities and reduce potential safety problems in the eight branches of the Puyang Tobacco Board, the use of a network camera surveillance system became necessary. This monitoring system mainly targets three areas: activities of the company’s internal and external personnel, security of the surrounding environment, and warehouse management and control. Warehouse management and control is mainly concerned with safety precautions and monitoring of day-to-day operations. The monitoring system records the everyday work of employees in real-time, which gives the ability to monitor and supervise staff behavior. If problems occur, the source can be found and rectified using video evidence.


With the increased business volume and accelerated pace of operations of the Puyang Tobacco Board, the staff’s internal activities have also picked up. In order to ensure the security and stability of the logistics and sales office as well as file storage, and to ensure the safety of public properties, the network camera surveillance system requires the following functionalities:
  • Real-time high-definition video surveillance on each main entrance
  • Ability to record video of each monitored location for security reasons
  • Effectively ensure safe operations at production sites according to standards, and examination of outgoing materials and worker discipline
  • Real-time monitoring of the transfer of materials at each main entrance
  • Ability to adjust the focus of camera lenses to clearly monitor the specific details of vehicles entering and leaving the premise
  • Monitoring of the actual production line workers at all times


Axis and Digital China have constructed an advanced digitized, interlinked and intelligent network video surveillance system for the Puyang Tobacco Board. The system has a clear hierarchy, distributed intelligence, distributed configuration and centralized management. At the same time, the front end of the network video surveillance system employs standardized, scalable and upgradeable hardware, which means that while it can be implemented all at once, it is also reusable.

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