High-definition video surveillance

Venaria Reale is the first Italian city to use H.264 and HDTV technologies

"The fascination of places steeped in history, together with the excellence of the innovative solutions, which have made Venaria and its Royal Palace the 5th biggest destination for tourists in Italy, have become the key to its attractiveness. The innovation offered by Axis is the perfect match for the spirit of excellence which the city embodies." - Nicola Pollari, Mayor of Venaria Reale.


Venaria Reale, in the province of Turin, lies at the junction of the Ceronda and Stura di Lanzo rivers, in the foothills of the Graie Alps. The city boasts two monuments which are UNESCO-registered sites: the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale and the Castello della Mandria, precious cultural gems that attract many tourists to the city (1,000,000 people in 2008) and require careful conservation. To be able to benefit from greater security, the local City Council decided to invest in video surveillance, and Mr. Luca Vivalda, the Municipal Police Chief, resolved to implement the project, in which he was a firm believer. The project aimed at achieving three primary objectives: efficient management of traffic and access to the city, monitoring of areas at risk for disaster prevention such as flooding from the rivers, and crime prevention.


The mandate was entrusted to Azienda Speciale Multiservizi (ASM), a company based in the municipality of Venaria Reale, which is a legal entity enjoying statutory and entrepreneurial autonomy, and has the purpose of undertaking entrepreneurial economic activities and any other service-related activities in the interests of promoting human health and well-being. Several models of Axis network cameras with HDTV resolution and H.264 were placed at strategic locations in the city and on the Ceronda river to be able to monitor it, especially in the case of flood risks. The cameras, connected to the operations center and the control room of the Municipal Police headquarters, are controlled using Milestone video management software.


Thanks to the quality and leading-edge technology of Axis network cameras, the City of Venaria Reale can now rely on a video surveillance system capable of efficiently protecting people and property and anticipating flood risks.

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