Manufacturing plant uses Axis HDTV network cameras to improve inspection reliability and efficiency

High-resolution Axis network cameras for real-time monitoring on the shop floors at Dongkuk Steel

Dongkuk Steel implemented a highly reliable image inspection system based on a state-of-theart high-definition network video solution. By utilizing it in the scrap metal inspection process, we are now able to increase the efficiency of inspecting non-scrap-metal and use the images as evidence to prove quality and reliability. This system greatly contributed to enhancing our competitiveness by reinforcing the safety of the inspection work environment while raising the efficiency of image solution management.“ Dongkuk Steel Mill Co., Ltd.


The Incheon Works of Dongkuk Steel Mill (DK UNC, SI) is a reinforcing bar manufacturing plant. Powered by longstanding steel production technology, it is one of the largest steel mills in Korea. In 1993 Dongkuk Steel introduced Korea’s first 100-ton DC Electric Arc Furnace and became the largest steel producer in the world. The companyl needed to implement a more reliable and efficient scrap metal inspection system.


One of the most important jobs is inspection of scrap metal, a vital step in steel making. To understand what is going on at the scrap metal inspection station and the plant, every shop floor needs a monitoring system. The collecting and sorting of collected scrap metals must have saved images for subsequent verification. Therefore, Dongkuk Steel introduced the Axis high-definition network camera solution and immediately gained greater reliability of scrap metal inspection and enhanced plant monitoring efficiency.


DK UNC, SI which carried out this project, joined with Mirae Information and Communication, an Axis partner, to introduce AXIS Q1755, a megapixel high-resolution network camera for scrap metal inspection and AXIS 215 PTZ for control. These systems enabled Dongkuk Steel to greatly improve the image quality of monitoring images and thus perform jobs more efficiently and reliably. The biggest change after the introduction of the Axis network cameras was the ability to check the scrap metal inspection status in real-time, and save, store and utilize the scrap metal inspection process and data. The saved images are also invaluable in identifying the causes of industrial accidents in the scrap metal yard.

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