COEX improves security with Axis video encoders

Switching to a networked integrated monitoring system with Axis video encoders

“After we began monitoring from one surveillance center, we saved time and money, and the Axis system eliminated our previous system’s blind spots. We will install additional HDTV network cameras to enhance the security at COEX.“ says a COEX official.


COEX is the ideal place for global business exchange, with its state-of-the-art facilities and convenient amenities. It is also working hard to establish itself as Asia’s premier venue for trade fairs, tourism, and cultural events. Until recently, COEX management had difficulty monitoring the vast exhibition spaces and related facilities with their analog type systems. The management team wanted to switch some of their obsolete equipment to digital for better image quality, ease of installation, and maneuverability.


To monitor the far-flung spaces more effectively, COEX needed solutions that could upgrade its security capabilities. In particular, it had to do something about its aging analog monitoring equipment. To address these issues, COEX adopted Axis video encoders, which are capable of turning legacy analog CCTVs into an IP-based digital imaging surveillance system. After installing the digital networked solution, the monitoring crew was able to check images on the web in real-time. The system also made it easier for management to add cameras to the network, making it the ideal solution for any company wishing to switch to 100% digital networked cameras.


Installation of this system upgrade allowed management to simplify the surveillance job by monitoring images from every nook and cranny of the expansive facilities in one central monitoring center instead of multiple locations as before. This resulted in significant savings in operating expenses and manpower. In addition, management saved time in monitoring the 700-plus image channels.

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