Axis thermal cameras protect KDL Trans company property

Detecting people and objects even in complete darkness

The Axis thermal cameras are the ideal solution for permanent surveillance of our company’s building under all lighting conditions. By installing each camera in a strategic location, we were also able to cover the entire perimeter of the building with only 8 cameras. Now, we feel much safer and more secure and so do all our customers.“ Jurgen De Laet, Operations Manager with KDL Trans N.V..


KDL Trans is a family-owned company, founded in 1991 by Marc De Laet, which specializes in the transportation of IT equipment. The company handles the distribution and/or warehousing and installation of computer equipment ranging from mini computers up to servers. The company’s clients range from large computer manufacturers to consumers and government agencies. Due to the storage and distribution of expensive equipment from this site, the company has often been the victim of burglaries and theft. This not only resulted in losses from stolen equipment and a feeling of insecurity, it also had a direct, adverse effect on their customers’ trust in them. When KDL Trans moved to its current location in 2010, the company wanted to completely overhaul its security system. The new system had to be able to detect potential burglars before a security breach took place.


To secure the company’s building of 100x75m2, KDL Trans chose 8 thermal Axis network cameras, recommended by integrator ESSC. Two types of cameras were to be installed: 6 AXIS Q1910-E and 2 AXIS Q1921-E Thermal Network Cameras. Both are outdoor models that are resistant to extreme weather conditions. Since KDL Trans was looking for a permanent, 24/7 surveillance solution, thermal cameras proved to be the most efficient solution. These cameras can discern people and objects even if it is completely dark.


No incidents have occurred since the Axis cameras were installed. The thermal cameras provide management the most effective solution for securing the entire company building. Early and quick detection is possible thanks to the perimeter that the thermal cameras create around the company’s building. Potential burglars do not stand a chance to cause any damage to the building itself. Furthermore, KDL Trans no longer requires the services of a security company; therefore, the associated high security costs are no longer necessary. And, probably the most important result of all: Customers have much more faith in the company now.

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