Latin America’s largest multi-sports club expands security system with Axis cameras

With 170,000m² and more members than the population of many cities, Pinheiros Club uses images from megapixel cameras to improve its management

This project made Pinheiros Club a reference not only in the area of Clubs, but also a success case with digital monitoring.“ Rene Rodrigues, Project Responsible, N&DC Systems.


Pinheiros Sports Club, in São Paulo, is Latin America’s largest multisports Club. Every day, about 6 thousand people pass through the Club. The 50 IP cameras installed in 2005 had VGA resolution and, often, the PTZ models had failures. The Club decided to expand and improve its network camera system. The objective was to cover all 170,000m², both the internal and external areas.


The N&DC staff went into action, working in an integrated fashion with those in charge of the security department of Pinheiros Club. In this project, the images from the cameras also served for management of the Club itself. The network cameras, models AXIS 207MW, AXIS 209MFD, AXIS 215 PTZ-E and AXIS M1011 were spread throughout the Club’s entire area, including gym, swimming pools and open spaces – where steam was a concern that was solved. Now, 80% of the Club’s cameras are megapixel quality.


“The new system with high quality cameras provides more security to the members and also assures our staff greater control over an extensive area,” assessed Aloisio Terranova, coordinator of the Project on the part of Pinheiros Club. According to Terranova, the Club’s staff could also answer demands more quickly.

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