Nine Shopping controls and registers access in real time

Modern, flexible, and economic video surveillance system enables recording of vehicle access, parking area, and shopping aisles in real-time

The advantage of choosing Axis is the reliability of the products, the guarantee of up to three years and the image quality.“ saysAriel Salveti, Cámaras Overnet, General Manager.


Nine Shopping Center’s main activity is commercial; it has approximately 80 tenants distributed in different areas, movie theaters, a food court, and open and underground parking lots. The center operates nearly every day of the year. Monitoring and controlling such spaces during the operating schedule requires an important amount of security staff, which makes this expense difficult to address. Nine Shopping considered it necessary to control and register all vehicle accesses, the parking area and aisles with a modern, flexible, economic, and flexible video surveillance system.


Cámaras Overnet executed the project, which was developed in 2010 and proposed a solution with Axis IP video products, both with fixed cameras as well as dome cameras. In each parking area and accesses, they performed a pre-installation study to determine the surveillance points, analyze the current network and the required infrastructure.


With the provision and installation of Axis network cameras, the Center achieved visual control of the accesses and parking lots and now, all actions occurring in the parking lot and aisles can be recorded. Nine Shopping can monitor events that affect the security in accesses, perimeters and parking areas, perform video surveillance from a central monitoring room and have remote access to images from different locations. Also, cameras become an additional dissuasive element that complements other security systems and the system allows access to the recorded image files when necessary for security audits.

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