Canadian College of Massage delivers distance teaching using Axis IP cameras

IP video enhances learning capabilities in and outside the classroom

“From an educational perspective, students are forever looking for learning resources, whether it’s now or after they graduate. Once in their professional practice, former students may not remember every technique and treatment that they were taught in school – so there is an ability to access these tutorials through alumni services." Christy Pritchard, Executive Director of Operations, Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy.


The faculty at the Canadian College of Massage Therapy in Toronto realized that its classroom setup prohibited students from getting the full experience of in-class demonstrations because it was difficult to see the techniques the instructor was performing with everyone crowded around the massage table. Additionally, college administration wanted to expand their learning capabilities for off-campus students or people who couldn’t attend class. They turned to IP technology to enhance the learning process.


Sound Light Video Solutions Inc., an Axis partner based in Owen Sound, installed AXIS P3301 Fixed Dome Network Cameras in each of the five classrooms directly above the massage tables where instructors demonstrate techniques. Live video from the IP cameras is broadcast on a projection screen to provide the students with a clear view regardless of where they were stationed in the classroom. It also provides the opportunity for remote monitoring from adjoining classrooms to reinforce collaborative learning.


Students can now see the intricate details of proper massage techniques regardless of where they are standing in the classroom. The demonstrations are also simultaneously viewed by adjoining classrooms when the demo room is filled. Also, graduating students can access archived video to brush up on skills they may have forgotten. In the future, the college aims to utilize the audio capabilities of the camera to enhance the distance learning experience while expanding the program to include campuses across North America.

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