Megapixel video surveillance in casino

Axis brings megapixel video advantages for newly opened casino in Bulgarian resort

“The megapixel solution from Axis ensured outstanding level of details of live and recorded video streams for this very sensible and specific casino application.“ Lachezar Todorov, CEO of Teratour Services.


The Casino was the final piece of the RIU Pravetz Golf and Spa puzzle. Corporate customers and guests looking for luxury and leisure will be fully satisfied by the facility and the services provided by the hotel. A key-factor for visitor’s comfort is security, and when it comes to the thrill of the turning roulette table or blackjack game – security turns into a must. Real-time video and image recording must contain as much of the details as possible. This was the mandatory requirement from the security officers, and when talking about the casino business – it is more than understandable, as well as redundancy and flexibility.


Telelink was involved in the project from the design phase. Based on the customer’s requirements, the solution included five different Axis cameras – from VGA up to 3 megapixels. Depending on the very specific application, different cameras oversee different areas. Megapixel cameras provide the highest level of details for the games in progress, while lower-resolution cameras provide an overview of the non-critical areas of the casino. Milestone XProtect® Corporate video management software runs on IBM servers to provide the central monitoring room with live view and reliable recording capabilities.


The final result is a sophisticated real-time high-resolution IP-video surveillance solution with extremely detailed recording and advanced management. Nothing can stay hidden now! Each move and action can be played back from several different angles and views, if necessary.

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