Revel chooses Axis IP network cameras

Axis network dome cameras incorporated into city’s daily life for citizen security and heritage protection

“We have opted for Axis because they’re the only manufacturer who offers PTZ dome cameras powered by PoE. Thus, the structure of the project meets the technical needs at an attractive cost.“ Mr. Pascal Pujol, market coordinator for Groupe Scopelec.


About 45km from Toulouse, the city of Revel in France is coping with a problem well known to many French cities: protecting its 9,800 citizens and 120,000 annual visitors from vandalism and theft while preserving the visual beauty of its architectural heritage.


After sending out a call for bids, the city of Revel’s choice was Scopelec, who offer both technical display capabilities and fast turnaround maintenance with cameras that fulfill various requirements. The constraints of the structural network, along with the cameras need for discretion, led logically to the choice of the AXIS Q6032-E and AXIS P3344 Network Cameras.


Three months after the call for bids, 10 cameras were installed. This new system has already resulted in two arrests and no further property damage has been witnessed. The populace and shop owners are satisfied, and the latter consider these cameras a supplement to the services that they offer. The Revel city council plans to expand installation of the cameras.

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