Digital surveillance solution for Guiyang Tobacco Factory

Axis interpretation includes HD, intelligence and integration

“Axis network video surveillance solutions have fully met our demand for information technology security, and the results of the video surveillance and integrated management applications have greatly exceeded our expectations. The system deployment and applications are also very simple, which not only greatly reduced our installation and maintenance costs, but also allowed for the possibility of future system expansions and upgrades.“ Mr. Zheng, Guiyang Tobacco Factory IT Department.


Guiyang Tobacco Factory has a long history. In 2006, Guizhou Tobacco industry gathered 6 companies from the province, including Guiyang Tobacco Factory, and founded the China National Tobacco GuiZhou Industrial Corporation. As the pace of IT infrastructure and modern technology continues to accelerate, the IT needs of Guiyang Tobacco Factory have also increased. To achieve a unified and highly efficient management, Guiyang Tobacco Factory had to realize a truly digital video surveillance system and improve their employee productivity.


In order to establish a comprehensive video monitoring and management system and to integrate the management of other operations of the factory, it was required that all sub-systems included a complete set of functionalities and that they should also provide standard API to facilitate the integration and extension of their applications. Therefore, the video surveillance system of the factory would become an entirely IP-based network video surveillance solution. Based on internal work requirements, 300 Axis network cameras were chosen for the system, which included fixed network cameras, PTZ network cameras and HDTV network cameras. The structure of the entire network video monitoring system used a redundant star topology, which included access switches, aggregation switches and core switches, making it a three-tiered star architecture.


The installation of a network video monitoring system ensures the timely and accurate access of video data for personnel of all departments, according to their job requirements. This monitoring system has achieved a unified management system that is systematic, scientific, and modern, providing monitoring and control of main areas and important sections. This allows for an intuitive grasp of on-site video information, thus further improving the technology of public security management, management efficiency, and emergency response time.

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