The General Council of Moselle migrates its video surveillancesystem to IP

40 AXIS 241Q Video Encoders convert analog video signals and enable centralized video surveillance for the entire region

"In order to efficiently protect its key sites, the General Council wanted to renovate its system and centralize video surveillance." - Jean-Christophe Nguyen Van Sang, Deputy Director General of CG57.


The General Council of Moselle (French county located near the borders of Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg) wanted to migrate its analog video surveillance system to an IP-based solution in order to centralize all information collected at the county level.


Once the project was approved, the Division of Networking and Information Systems of the General Council ("CG57") entrusted provider and operator NSIP with the mission to consolidate systems. NSIP approached Axis Communications for its video encoder solutions which allow the conversion of analog streams to network video. Software editor Viseox was also contacted for its cluster video surveillance solution that records the cameras' video feeds from remote data centers called "white rooms".


The direction of the CG57 is fully satisfied with the installation. The county has made significant savings by consolidating its traditional video surveillance system and boosting it with the latest IP technologies available.

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