Pyeongtaek City installs cutting-edge security system with Axis network cameras

IP-based security system provides operators with reliable and efficient crime prevention tool

"We introduced the network video system to address the problem of display distortion of analog image and deterioration of cameras. The Axis network cameras and video encoders dramatically improved the quality of images. The SSL solution also provides an opportunity to ease concern over privacy. As such, I am very satisfied with the system" - Pyeontaek City official.


Through balanced development, promotion of public welfare, a culture of sharing, and public service for citizen satisfaction, Pyeontaek City makes all efforts to realize its vision of becoming a leading cultural city. Pyeontaek City puts public safety and security on top of the list to create a better living environment. With recent crimes in the southern parts of Gyeonggi Province making headlines, it became a must for the city to improve its security system and increase the feeling of safety of workers and visitors of the Center for International Exchange where foreigners and locals are expected to meet and communicate frequently.


Initially, the city considered expanding its analog CCTV system but quickly realized the limitations in terms of surveillance coverage and integration possibilities. The analog system would also imply high maintenance and labor costs. Finally, Pyeongtaek City decided to opt for a cutting-edge IP-based security system based on network cameras, thereby ensuring low system maintenance and operating costs. Pyeongtaek chose Axis Communications for its extensive experience in similar applications locally and around the world. The city introduced AXIS 214 PTZ and AXIS 216FD Network Cameras, and AXIS Q7401 Video Encoders for special areas where only analog cameras were supported.


Pyeongtaek City established the CCTV network for special circumstances and attached the analog cameras to Axis video encoders for full interoperability. In areas where new installation was required, the city introduced Axis network cameras, enabling operators to monitor wider areas with excellent image quality. Unlike analog cameras, only 30% of network cameras were needed to monitor the same areas. Work efficiency has greatly improved thanks to full compatibility with third-party systems, and the Axis products’ ability to minimize the use of bandwidth and storage space has also provided a highly cost-effective solution.

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