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Hyundai Steel achieves real-time surveillance of water processing facility with Axis network video

"The flexibility and efficiency of the facility management have been increased tremendously because the video can be distributed to multiple locations which, in the old days, was confined to one." - A Hyundai Steel official.


Hyundai Steel has expanded greatly since it was established as the first Korean steel company in 1953. The construction of an integrated steel mill started in 2006 in order to promote steel technology development and to resolve the shortage of domestic steel materials caused by continuous industrial development. Hyundai Steel, expecting a giant leap again through the integrated steel mill project, wanted a state-of-the-art process control and monitoring system for the facilities. The company was looking for an intelligent video system allowing prompt identification of and response to any possible incidents or failures.


Hyundai Steel was previously using a process monitoring system based on analog cameras, which did not prove efficient enough due to incompatibility and scalability issues. Besides, the analog system showed limitations in case of unexpected situations such as unplanned absence of operators, as the surveillance video could only be accessed at the dedicated location, not remotely. To achieve a modern monitoring system while protecting existing investments, Hyundai Steel decided to upgrade the analog monitoring system of the water processing facility to a network video system based on Axis video encoders. Axis was chosen for its extensive experience in similar domestic and international projects.


The separate management of analog video data and digital data involved high maintenance expenses. Integration into the network has enabled an immediate reduction of the total cost of ownership (TCO). The shift to an Axis IP-based solution now ensures the facilities are monitored in a more flexible and efficient way, with clear digital images accessible any time remotely. Status of the facilities is just a click away, and operators can now quickly identify and ensure prompt response to abnormal situations. They can check the video feeds from anywhere and easily share the video information. This flexibility is maximized through an additional solution that supports the immediate treatment of facility error situations using SMS transmission.

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