Project A9.CittàSicura (SafeCity)

Over 130 Axis network cameras offer concrete protection and prevention to ensure citizen safety

"A9.Cittàsicura is an instrument for guaranteeing the safety of city residents. It has three main purposes: 1) to enable personnel to receive an alert in real time as a criminal act is being committed, observe the act in progress, and decide on a proper method of intervention; 2) to ensure capillary control of a given area; 3) to enable personnel to view traffic conditions on a regular basis. In addition, the system can be paired and integrated with existing anti-theft devices in companies and private homes." Piercarlo Tigano, Chiaravalle Chief of Police.


Sic1, a public company founded in October 2005 on the initiative of the Director of Information Technology of the Municipality of Chiaravalle (in Ancona province of Italy), seeked to implement and develop technologically innovative projects geared towards the city residents, companies and public administrations. The 9 municipalities in partnership with Sic1 needed to monitor strategic points within their territories and enable the authorities to maintain control over hard-to-predict events. Chiaravalle, Camerata Picena, Polverigi, Agugliano, Santa Maria Nuova, Monte San Vito, Filottrano, Ostra Vetere, and Castelfidardo were the first municipalities to participate, and the installation has been spreading like wildfire since.


"A9.CittàSicura" is a project created by Sic1 that develops a capillary system of control over a given territory by means of devices interconnected to each other and to law enforcement agencies: The project consists of an integrated system that enables law enforcement agencies to intervene in a timely manner when a criminal act occurs within a given territory. Axis Communications was chosen by Sic1 as the preferred supplier of cameras and as a project partner for the installation involving over 130 network cameras.


The project, developed after a year of in-depth study and analysis of the security sector needs, has noticeably increased levels of prevention and deterrence, and has proven to be an effective instrument in protecting citizens and companies within the territory.

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