More secure and better monitored production with Axis

Video surveillance at SO.F.TER. manufacturing plants with Axis network cameras

"Thanks to the video surveillance system, we feel much safer. The area to be monitored is quite large, and having cameras that can keep it under surveillance 24 hours a day is of fundamental importance to us. In the future, we are considering also equipping the indoor environments of the plant with a remotely-controlled surveillance system, so that we can further enhance control and security of the entire plant." Chiara Carfagnini, SO.F.TER. Purchasing Office.


SO.F.TER., one of the major European polymer alloy manufacturers headquartered in Forlì, Italy, needed to ensure video surveillance of a large outside area used as a manufacturing plant in order to provide adequate protection to its employees and products. Due to the large size of the area and the absence of any other security devices, an integrated, flexible and extremely secure system needed to be developed.


Gencom, a system integrator and Axis partner specialized in providing high technology for the development of communications systems, created a video surveillance system meeting SO.F.TER.’s requirements, based on a total of 43 AXIS 221 Day & Night Network Cameras.


Thanks to the Axis video surveillance system, SO.F.TER. is now able to fully meet its own security requirements. Security personnel monitor the area 24 hours a day and the recorded images are available immediately if needed.

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