Haian People’s Hospital uses Axis IP-based video monitoring system.

The new generation of Axis H.264 products is successfully applied in the healthcare industry.

"The advantage of the new generation of Axis network cameras based on H.264 standard is that it greatly reduces the demands for network bandwidth and storage while maintaining superior image quality. The cameras can provide multiple streams simultaneously according to different video requirements, therefore greatly improving system performance." President Zhang, Novida (system integrator of the project).


Haian People's Hospital was established in 1950 and has developed into a well-equipped, advanced state-level hospital. Covering an area of 47,600 square meters, with a total building area of 61,780 square meters, it houses 500 beds and welcomes up to 18,000 patients a year. It has successively been rated as "Jiangsu Model Hospital" and ranked among the "Top 10 Hospitals of Jiangsu Province". With its continuous expansion and increasingly advanced hardware facilities, the hospital realized the importance of security. As a result, one of the objectives of the video monitoring system of Haian People’s Hospital was to achieve video surveillance of all public sections of the hospital in a quick and effective way.


Haian People's Hospital chose a network video solution from Axis Communications, and deployed video monitoring over all critical sections of the hospital - covering the 16-floor residential building, the emergency building, car parks and the hospital square area. The total video system includes more than 100 channels. The hospital selected many models of Axis network cameras, including AXIS 207, AXIS 215 PTZ, and the new generation of AXIS P3301, to meet different requirements according to location and circumstances. The cameras are directly connected to the network, transmitting video to the back-end Aimetis Symphony video management system, which was provided by Aimetis, a global Axis Application Development Partner (ADP).


Since many medical buildings of Haian People's Hospital have long been in use, a network-based monitoring system not only simplified the installation involving the mounting of cameras and cabling, but it also reduced the installation costs and time. In addition, the system took full advantage of a number of inter-building network cable resources, which reduced the overall difficulty of the project. The network video solution in place, thanks to its high degree of flexibility, can both be configured in accordance with the real situation in each section, and meet the user’s needs for accessing and sharing video.

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