DaVinci College secures campus with Axis network camerasD

Network video system provides monitoring flexibility and ensure slow management expenses.

"The purchase of our Axis network cameras has made it possible for us to have eyes on the campus on site. Logging in is sufficient. As a result, we have made our school demonstrably more secure. We also saved a lot of money because we can monitor alarm notifications ourselves so that the police do not have to be called out." Piet van Ooijen Knook, Head of Security at daVinci College


The daVinci College in Dordrecht is an institute for secondary vocational education with about 6,800 students. In order to increase their security and reduce aggression and criminality, the educational institute was looking for an effective and flexible solution to secure the school campus. They also had to find an easier method to trace perpetrators of theft or vandalism afterwards.


The daVinci College selected a complete camera installation with fifty Axis network cameras. The Axis camera solution and Milestone XProtect® video management software were implemented by Axis’ partner Venéco. The cameras monitor all hallways, public areas and computer rooms 24 hours a day. Additionally, the installation is the ideal chance for students studying ‘Security’ to become acquainted with the newest technologies in the field of security in a controlled environment.


Thanks to the cameras, the educational institute is always able to review images of incidents or theft. Consequently, daVinci has already been able to catch perpetrators or confront them with their offense thanks to stored video footage. In addition, the cameras have a preventative and deterring effect on thieves, graffiti artists and vandals.

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