Modern surveillance in old buildings

How urban DePaul University installed Axis network cameras in renovated student housing

"The high image clarity and ease of video retrieval from our new system has enabled us to successfully identify perpetrators, reduce campus crime and make our students feel safer" says Bob Wachowski, Director of public safety for DePaul University


As DePaul University, located in urban Chicago, Illinois, began purchasing and renovating city blocks of privately- owned apartment buildings to house its growing student population, it began maxing out the capacity of its DVR-based analog surveillance systems. The Public Safety Department wanted to establish a centralized recording system that would run over the university’s existing fiber optic backbone and be easier to manage, maintain and scale as the university acquired more buildings.


The university contracted with Axis partner Pace Systems, a Naperville, Illinois-based electrical contractor and systems integrator, to install fixed dome network cameras from Axis Communications in the lobbies, hallways and exteriors of the residential buildings at its Lincoln Park campus. Pace Systems replaced the individual DVRs at each dormitory with a centralized array of dedicated video storage servers and Milestone XProtect® video management system from Milestone Systems all housed at the Public Safety building.


The network video technology gives Public Safety the ability to review incidents occurring at any residence hall from a single, centralized security office. Though the video recordings are primarily used in forensic investigations, a dispatcher can monitor select cameras live. And in case of emergency, senior security staff can access camera views from any authorized PC attached to the campus network.

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