Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. uses Axis IP-based security system for its new headquarters building

The company achieves highly efficient access control and facility security thanks to Axis megapixel network cameras.

"Thanks to this state-of-the-art network video solution - with its excellent system flexibility and scalability, we will further enhance our highly advanced corporate image as the world’s number one shipbuilding company by linking manufacturing facilities, operation monitoring and various other systems together." says a Hyundai Heavy official.


Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., the world’s largest shipbuilding company, began business in 1972. To meet the company’s expansion plans, Hyundai Heavy Industries constructed a new headquarters building close to the old one. The company was well aware of the limitations caused by the analog system in the old headquarters building, such as no compatibility with the access control system, occurrence of blind spots, image quality degradation with ageing cable, and costs associated with periodic cable replacement. For its new 15-story headquarters building, the company wanted to ensure full interoperability with the security, access control and building management systems, while achieving better image quality and scalability.


Hyundai Engineering & Constructions Co., Ltd., tasked with designing the new building, discovered a design error during the final check. The design drawing that reflected a state-of-the-art access control system still had an ancient analog-based video surveillance system. Hyundai Engineering & Constructions, whose original aim was to design a building where the whole system was under integrated management using IP, had no other choice than to change the plans. Marvel Quest, an Axis Solution Silver Partner, in cooperation with the design team of Hyundai Engineering and Constructions, suggested Axis megapixel network cameras: they can cover an area in much more detail than analog cameras, provide excellent image quality, and are IP-based, thus ensuring full compatibility with other systems. Axis network cameras had already been implemented successfully by various Hyundai affiliates such as Hyundai Motor Company.


Axis network cameras, which have been integrated with the access control system, provide much better identification of visitors. They also greatly minimize storage space for recorded video and bandwidth consumption through the use of motion detection. Blind spots are now all eliminated by optimally placing the AXIS 216MFD and AXIS 211M Network Cameras. The areas that had to be covered by 2 or 3 analog cameras are now being covered with only one Axis megapixel network camera. The new headquarters building is thus being monitored with fewer cameras, which provide much broader coverage and better image quality. Work performance has improved remarkably thanks to compatibility with other systems.

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