Screening visitors entering the school

Oconto Unified School District uses network video intercom system to control access to its campuses

"Using the Axis video encoder to turn the video intercom system into an IP-based access control system means if someone is away from the office at one school, authorized staff at another can grant or deny entrance to visitors instead of leaving them waiting at the door." Tony Warren, Project manager at LaForce, Inc.


When the town's Board of Education revised its security policy in 2008, Oconto Unified School District officials began looking for an integrated surveillance system that would enhance the safety of all 1,200 students, employees, volunteers and visitors entering any of the district's three schools. The goal was to devise a solution that would allow office staff at the elementary, middle and high schools to remotely identify visitors and control door locks from all three campuses.


School district officials turned to Axis Communications' partner LaForce Inc., a leading distributor of security hardware based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, for a solution. LaForce recommended that Oconto buy four Aiphone AX-DV audio/video door entry systems - two for the high school and one each for the middle and elementary schools. The four units interface with Axis video encoders to enable the video stream from each door to be securely viewed by authorized personnel over each school's existing Internet connection.


Office staff feels that the electronic access control system gives them the extra eyes and ears they need at critical entrances into the three schools. The Aiphone units provide a clear image of who is at the door as well as clear two-way audio communication with the individual. The AXIS 243SA Video Encoder turns the intercoms into IP-based systems so that the video stream can be viewed over the web using an intuitive Controlware application that sits on PCs in each of the three schools' offices. This gives the staff the flexibility to monitor, communicate and control multiple entrances from more than one location. Once a visitor is identified, office staff can activate the door release relay from an icon on the Controlware screen to allow the person ingress to the building.

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