Safety in the valley with Axis

The Val Cavallina Community safeguards residents against vandalism and criminal activity, improves municipal traffic and protects property

"We're satisfied with the efficient way this plan was developed and the effectiveness of the technical solution we adopted. We've already seen the first benefits, because the video surveillance system quickly solved some cases of petty crime in our area." says Aristide Zambetti - Vice-President of the Val Cavallina Mountain Community.


Val Cavallina, Italy, renowned for its natural heritage, art, sports and traditions, extends along the valley of the river Cherio in the province of Bergamo, in the Bergamasque Alps. In historical terms, the first human settlements date from the Paleolithic and Neolithic Eras, as evidenced by archeological findings and the many grave sites discovered. Today, the 16 towns in the valley form the Comunità Montana della Val Cavallina or Val Cavallina Mountain Community. In view of the ever growing demand for security in contemporary society, 9 of the towns (Berzo San Fermo, Bianzano, Casazza, Grone, Gaverina, Endinegaiono, Ranzanico, Spinone al Lago and Vigano San Martino) decided to equip themselves with a video surveillance system to fight petty crime, control areas difficult to monitor, protect local property and control municipal discharges.


The Val Cavallina Community managed the project in an innovative way, dividing tasks and managing technical responsibilities and skills. In full compliance with the administrative procedures, the Community prepared an execution plan, then held a public tender for the procurement and installation of the equipment required by the plan. These procedures allowed the Community to conduct a very precise analysis of its needs and goals. This was entrusted to the planner and implemented in close collaboration with the municipal administrations and local police.


The drawing-up of a highly detailed plan placed the emphasis on a technical solution, while the selection of a full IP-based solution assured technical and economic benefits for users, particularly the flexibility and performance of the infrastructure.

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