The city of Maddaloni safeguards its artistic heritage, ensures residents safety and manages road conditions with Axis

Outdoor Axis network cameras protect the territory and give residents a greater sense of security

"Today, the city of Maddaloni has another tool to protect its territory and give its residents greater confidence in the authorities and an increased sense of security." says Enrico Bellotta - Director of the city of Maddaloni.


The city of Maddaloni in Italy, also called "the city of twenty cupolas," is renowned for its rich artistic and cultural heritage that goes back to the time of the Normans. Located in the heart of Campania in the province of Caserta, Maddaloni is home to around 40,000 inhabitants. The city of Maddaloni is committed to ensuring efficient security services for its residents. It required a video surveillance system that would allow the local police to monitor urban traffic, public buildings and historic sites, while respecting the privacy of residents. A solution for monitoring the territory would also serve as a deterrent to illegal activities.


The municipal administration of Maddaloni turned to C.E.D.I. Informatica, which was already the city's technical partner. The Caserta-based systems integrator designed and developed an IP-based video surveillance system using network cameras and video encoders from Axis Communications. The installation includes 2 video encoders and 11 network cameras located in various areas considered to be at risk.


The results were positive. The solution fully met the requirements of the customer, as evidenced by their intention to expand the area under surveillance in the future.

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