Doñana Biological Station

Video surveillance in the Department of Biological Research and Environmental Care

"The AXIS 233D Network Camera was selected for its reliability, robustness, excellent price/quality ratio and the fact that it was perfectly suited to the project requirements." says Gustavo Sánchez, Technology Director, SATEC


The Doñana National Park is a mosaic of ecosystems that is home to a biodiversity that cannot be found anywhere else in Europe. At the encouragement of the Supreme Council for Scientific Investigations (CSIC) of the Spanish Government, the Doñana Biological Station (EBD) project was launched. This is a Research Institute dedicated to the ongoing study of the park’s environment and the conservation and observation of its flora and fauna. The starting point of this project was the incorporation of a series of network cameras into the existing WiMAX network, with the aim of studying and analyzing the behavior of wild animals, some of which are at risk of becoming extinct, without disrupting their environment.


The Axis network cameras, the majority of which are powered by solar panels, are primarily intended to perform visual tracking of protected species, although they also provide more general functions, such as surveillance of the surroundings and the prevention of fires.


As a result of the installation of the cameras, it is not necessary to disturb the environment in order to feel part of it, and especially to facilitate the research and study of the park’s plant and animal life.

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