Ter Beke monitors its production line with Axis network cameras

"Thanks to the high resolution of the camera, recorded images are in high definition. This allows the operating staff to clearly identify products on the conveyor and the nature of the problems that arise." says Eric Devezon, Ter Beke Group
Mission Ter Beke, a Belgian food group company specialized in the development, production and sale of ready meals and cold cuts, installed a new production line in 2007 at its ‘Les Nutons’ factory in Marche-en-Famenne. To optimize the control on the new production line and to decrease the intervention time for incidents, the company decides to observe the production line with network cameras. Solution To permit effective intervention, five AXIS 207 Network Cameras were installed at critical points on the production line. All of the images can be accessed from the operator station and remotely from any computer connected to the network of the group Ter Beke. The resolution of the cameras offers image precision that permits clear identification of the products passing along the conveyor and the nature of the problems that arise. Finally, the built-in intelligence of the AXIS 207 permits that image recording stops automatically if the camera can no longer detect any movement on the conveyor belt. Result This system has dramatically reduced the intervention time for incidents. Moreover, the installation and the use of the video management software is very simple.

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