Beijing Hyundai Motor Company realizes centralized management of production with Axis network cameras

New IP-based system helps Beijing Hyundai Motor unify security, safety, fire prevention and monitoring systems

"The system consisting of Axis network cameras and Watcher network surveillance software significantly simplified system installation and maintenance. " Li Zhaohui, Project Sales Manager, Beijing VideoComm Electronic Inc.


The Beijing Hyundai second production factory is the largest modern motor manufacturing base in Beijing. After it went live, the initial system deployed for production monitoring, security, safety, and fire prevention had not been able to achieve unified management. Beijing Hyundai Motor Company faced clear challenges with an analog approach when it decided to integrate its security and safety system together with the fire prevention and production monitoring systems. To avoid complex cabling construction and associated costs, and ensure the image quality would not deteriorate over time, as with analog solutions, the company opted for network video technology.


Beijing Hyundai Motor Company deployed an IP-based solution that took full advantage of the existing LAN infrastructure available in the factory area. 20 AXIS 213 PTZ Network Cameras were initially installed, connecting directly to the network. Smoke detectors and infrared alarm sensors were also connected to the cameras’ inputs and outputs. Hyundai’s surveillance center uses the “Watcher” network video surveillance software from Beijing VideoComm Electronic Technology, Inc.


Thanks to Axis network cameras, combined with with VideoComm Electronic’s “Watcher” software, security and monitoring systems are fully integrated. The Axis network video solution significantly simplified system installation and lowered cabling construction costs by more than 70%. Leveled e-maps of “Watcher” network surveillance software can directly demonstrate detailed positions of the cameras, making the entire surveillance system intuitive, further simplifying remote centralized management.

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