Axis enables more efficient school management

Network cameras allow a small faculty team to manage the facility

"The Axis network camera's interface is easy to use, so the system has been remarkably straightforward to set up." Associate Prof. Yahiro, Tokai University Fukuoka Junior College.


Although Tokai University Fukuoka Junior College opened in 1990, its origins date back to its predecessor - Fukuoka General Education Department of the School of Engineering at Tokai University, which was established in 1966. Comprehensive education is provided in accordance with the characteristics of each of its 280 students in two departments, namely the Department of Information Processing and the Department of International Studies. Over 200 computers are installed at the college for data processing studies, and the college has been looking for the most efficient way for a small team of faculty members to manage them.


More than 20 AXIS 207 Network Cameras, mainly AXIS 207M wide-angle megapixel cameras, have been installed in a number of computer training rooms to monitor their use. A unique UNIX server has been set up by faculty members of the Department of Information Processing. This system not only monitors the area, but also saves images on the server and integrates them to the groupware system.


Computer training rooms are open to students, and can be used freely, but faculty members are not always there when it is being used, so it was impossible to know what was going on all the time. The installation of cameras enables the status of each computer room to be easily confirmed from the faculty member's office, and provides a useful way of understanding the situation. These cameras also offer security advantages.

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