Networked security stamps out vandalism in South Wales schools

Fully networked surveillance solution to save South Wales schools thousands of pounds. (Image is published with the permission of Pro-Activ Publications)
Newport City Council schools needed to find a way of reducing vandalism, which had become a common problem for many schools across the region. Under the Newport Community Safety Partnership initiative, the City Council, Gwent Police and private sector partners including Axis Communications put together a fully networked surveillance solution, which enabled monitoring of hotspots such as school roofs in the after hours. AXIS 2400 Video Servers were deployed to distribute video images from CCTV cameras onto the school's computer network. The entire solution enabled alarm activation and relaying of video footage to a central monitoring centre in the council's civic centre on a 24-hour, sevendays-a-week basis.

Award winning results

  • Considerable cost savings have already been achieved. All incidences of vandalism within the pilot site and damage to property have been stopped in their tracks, saving the council more than £6,000 a year. 
  • Video footage transmitted to the central monitoringcentre clearly identified individuals involved in unauthorised access, vandalism and antisocial behaviour.  
  • Additionally, the solution used the school's excess bandwidth capacity during out of school hours to provide the network at no extra cost.

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