Sungshin Women’s University upgrades campus security to IP-based video surveillance

Axis network video take the university’s security system to new heights thanks to easy installation, efficient management and Power over Ethernet

"As network cameras are being introduced for the first time, the stability and credibility of the system was the primary consideration. Axis provides various types of network cameras and has great local and global recognition, making it a trustworthy choice." says Lee Min Gu, Head Director of Sungshin Women’s University video security.


Established in 1963, Sungshin Women’s University has been continuously working towards future-oriented educational principles as well as updating deteriorated campus facilities for a safer and better environment. From a security standpoint, the University uses a video surveillance system to protect school assets and students as well as to prevent occasional theft, and more specifically theft of valuable material from the library. This existing system, operated with analog cameras and DVRs, showed limitations when the university considered expanding campus surveillance. The University wanted to take advantage of the campus’ existing network infrastructure, to avoid additional cabling constructions. Thus, the university decided to shift to an IP-based solution.


The IP-based video surveillance system was introduced utilizing only network cables without additional electrical work required, by using PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology. PoE enables the transmission of power and video via the same network cable, thus lowering installation costs and offering efficient system management.


The existing analog system generated compatibility problems between products when adding new analog cameras as needed. The Axis network video solution solved that issue, offering full compatibility and interoperability, thus ensuring time savings and higher work efficiency with a 24-hour surveillance system not requiring many supervisors – thus avoiding manpower loss due to compatibility problems for instance.

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