Incheon Gyesan Market prevents theft and increases sales with Axis IP-Surveillance

South Korean traditional market uses PTZ network cameras to ensure a safe shopping atmosphere

"The introduction of network video surveillance solutions, which is a part of a project to modernize traditional markets, has brought about not only direct effects in preventing burglary incidents, but has also raised the image of Gyesan Market as a modern market, which has lead to increased sales."Jo Ji Hwan, chairman of the Association for Store Development of Gyesan Market.


Opened in 1982, Gyesan Market of Incheon is the representative traditional market of Gyeyang-gu, which comprises over 240 stores dealing food, clothes and other miscellaneous goods. In order to revitalize Gyesan Market, Incheon city promoted the construction of convenient facilities such as arcades, road pavements, and water pipe repairs as well as the modernization of systems by introducing a network-based video surveillance system. The mission was not only to prevent theft, but also to promote the market’s modern facilities and hightech security solution to increase sales.


When considering modernization of its traditional market, Gyeyang-gu examined the solution in place at a similar traditional market, the Gajwa Market in Incheon, which was using an analog-based surveillance system. Gajwa Market was experiencing the shortcomings of the analog system in place, with limitations in remote monitoring, maintenance and future system expansion. After thorough inspection of various solutions and comparative analysis, Axis’ partner Tawoo Digital Communications recommended introducing a network video system.


Before the introduction of Axis network cameras, there were no integrated systems managed centrally, meaning that each store had to use their own, usually low-cost, analog DVR solutions separately. In most cases in which these solutions were used, the low image quality made distinguishing objects difficult. Such systems also required large amounts of manpower input each time, as no connections existed between these systems. After introducing the Axis products, integrated video management solutions were arranged in the customer support center, which reduced manpower by half and enabled relocation of 70% of staff in the marketplace. Without the need to manipulate the PTZ function manually each time, the guard tour function also enabled use of staff where most needed.

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