Vauvert opts for IP-Surveillance to increase citizen security

Axis network dome cameras watch over the security of city residents day and night

"We're completely satisfied with our installations and our equipment, which is already helping to reassure the people of Vauvert." Monsieur Gayaud, Mayor of Vauvert.


As a city of 11,000 residents in the Gard region in France, Vauvert has witnessed an upsurge in night-time thefts and other incidents. In 2007, the city decided to install a video surveillance system to strengthen its security policy.


After defining the areas to be monitored by video surveillance in consultation with the city's police department, a technical study of the project was conducted by the Vauvert City Hall's IT department. After reaching a subsidy agreement with the State (the FIPD, Fonds interministériel de prévention de la délinquance, Interministerial Crime Prevention Fund) and issuing a call for tenders, the video surveillance committee, made up of elected representatives, opted for Axis network cameras.


The seven AXIS 233D Network Dome Cameras installed in Vauvert are a reassuring presence for the city's residents, and serve as a deterrent to troublemakers. The flexibility of the information transfer system, combined with the cameras' ease of installation, convinced the technical departments at the City Hall.

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