Axis enables Knowsley College to look into an IP-Surveillance future

UK campuses gain 100% surveillance coverage with future-proof solution

"I wanted to recommend a future-proof solution. It needs to grow with our needs and enable us to make continual improvements and extensions." says Domingo Rodriguez-Baez, Assistant Estates Manager, Knowsley Community College.


Knowsley Community College has 3,500 full-time students, aged between 14 and 19 years old. The majority of these students are located at the Kirkby and Roby campuses which are located seven miles apart, northeast of Liverpool. During 2006 the college’s principal tasked his assistant estates manager, Domingo Rodriguez- Baez, with specifying and developing a new, more comprehensive surveillance system for both campuses. The request followed a number of petty criminal incidents in parking lots which went undetected due to the inadequate analog-based CCTV system in place at the time.


Knowsley College achieved 100% coverage with this new surveillance solution. Axis partner MCW Group installed 172 Axis network cameras at Kirkby and a further 152 at Roby, ensuring that every entrance, corridor, stairwell, back alley, server room, boiler room and switch room was integrated into a comprehensive IP-Surveillance system. All cameras are Power over Ethernet (PoE), achieving total savings of £26,000 at the installation stage in comparison with a quotation from a local specialist for an equivalent number of wired analog CCTV cameras.


Knowsley College now has a pure IP-Surveillance system which provides 100% coverage of both campuses and offers a platform flexible enough to take advantage of new technology developments such as the H.264 compression standard, megapixel cameras and intelligent analytics capabilities including ANPR and facial recognition. Return on the £500,000 total investment will be achieved in less than six years, as this IP-based solution can be maintained by the college’s own IT department – if the existing analog-based CCTV system had been extended, maintenance would have needed to be outsourced at a cost of £72,000 per year.

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