Baldisserri Hotels made secure with Axis

Axis and RCM deploy indoor and outdoor video surveillance to protect hotel premises, assets and guests

"Thanks to the Axis video surveillance system, both the inside and outside areas of the hotels are monitored effectively and discreetly. Our guests feel safer and, thanks to the network cameras’small form factor, they are not bothered by their presence." says Pierpaolo Baldisserri, owner of the hotels.


The Baldisserri Hotels Group has been operating successfully for years in the hotel industry. The Forlì hotels were created in order to satisfy the needs of business travellers, while the Milano Marittima hotels, ideal for pleasant holidays surrounded by greenery and close to the sea, were built to combine family needs and relaxation.


RCM, an Axis Communications partner, installed two different video surveillance solutions to meet the specific requirements of each hotel. In the Sangiorgio hotel in Forlì, security measures were required inside the hotel, for which AXIS 207 Network Cameras were used. For outdoor areas, AXIS 210 Network Cameras were installed inside Axis Verso housings. In the Globus hotel in Milano Marittima, the focus was mainly on monitoring outdoor areas. AXIS 221 Day & Night Network Cameras, which offer optimal performance in all light conditions, were deployed. Additionally, a CAMTRACE server was installed for managing, viewing and recording video.


The excellent quality of the images obtained even in extreme light conditions enables uninterrupted monitoring of areas at risk in both hotels, thus guaranteeing the safety and peace of mind of the guests. The client is fully satisfied with the solution.

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