Caught red-handed

Buffalo, NY police force protects citizens with city-wide wireless video surveillance

"You can only do so much undercover work before drug dealers figure out who you are. Our wireless video surveillance system multiplies the eyes of our police officers on the street." says Buffalo Police Captain Mark Makowski


When Mayor Byron Brown took office in 2006, he pledged the people of Buffalo to reduce the city’s crime rate. A key part of his plan was to deploy a real-time, city-wide video surveillance system to augment the public safety efforts of his police force. The solution he sought needed high-resolution cameras that could read license plates from 200 yards away and provide officers with evidence-grade, real-time streaming video. Since cameras would be mounted outdoors, they also needed to be wind and weather-proof and perform well even in low lighting situations. Another important criterion was the flexibility to add and move cameras at will to monitor changing high-risk areas.


Avrio Group, a city-wide network video surveillance integrator based in Easton, MD, initially set up a wireless network of more than 50 Rapid Deployment Surveillance Solution (RDSS) PoleCams strategically mounted on utility poles throughout the city. As the project progressed, the City of Buffalo chose to install additional RDSS PoleCams at numerous locations, bringing the current camera count to 115. The highly visible portable units – complete with blue lights and police branding – house AXIS 233D Network Cameras and Firetide wireless mesh nodes in weatherized enclosures. Operators control the cameras remotely from Police Headquarters, giving police officers an opportunity to assess the situation and make preparations before approaching an area.


Avrio’s RDSS helped police make their first five arrests while installation of the video network was still in progress. Suspects were caught on camera burglarizing a convenience store just 10 hours after a law enforcement camera mounted nearby went live. “The response to this system has been positive from day one because citizens have seen an immediate impact from it,” said Mayor Brown.” He reports that the city has already received more than 50 calls from Buffalo citizens requesting cameras on their street corners.

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