i-Mobile Service Centers improve security and service with Axis network cameras from Digitalcom

Real-time monitoring protects stock, boosts service quality nationwide

"We benefit greatly from remote monitoring through Axis cameras as we can view all occurrences in real-time". says Mr. Visit Tantivorrathamrong, Assistant Business Development Manager, SIM.


With over 300 service centers throughout Thailand, an effective, efficient surveillance system is essential for leading telecommunication services, mobile phones and communication equipment provider Samart i-Mobile’s (SIM) ability to manage its vast retail network and cope with increasing potential for crime at its stores. In addition to improved security to prevent theft, SIM wanted a way to remotely monitor its outlets in real-time and observe customer traffic to boost service quality – something its old analog-based closed circuit TV security system could not deliver. The limited functionality of the CCTV system’s analog cameras could not meet the increased demands of SIM’s changing business needs. It needed a better way to manage and monitor its nationwide network of service centers.


SIM decided a more advanced, IP-based video surveillance system would be the best solution for its extensive requirements, and chose AXIS 210 Network Cameras for their superior price-performance. Because the Axis network cameras are linked with headquarters through a wide area network (WAN), authorized SIM staff can remotely view, store, and manage video from service centers nationwide, all from the convenience of SIM’s head office location. Installation of AXIS 210 Network Cameras, distributed by Digitalcom, will be completed at 81 sites nationwide by the end of 2008, with more sites to follow.


The implementation of AXIS 210 Network Cameras nationwide has given SIM greater control over management of its shops, and improved stock control and loss prevention through real-time monitoring and the ability to view and investigate suspicious incidents. The Axis solution has also created new ways for the business to appraise staff performance, measure the effectiveness of marketing programs and identify and respond rapidly to business trends or changing conditions to maximize sales and promotional opportunities.

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