Complex needs of Simcoe County easy to handle with Axis

Network video helps coordinate security at multiple offices and facilities


The County of Simcoe incorporates 16 municipalities, towns and townships, with several properties scattered throughout the county including administration buildings, long-term healthcare facilities and various subsidized housing complexes. Aware of a number of vulnerabilities with existing surveillance and access systems, county officials called for an upgrade of all systems. They also sought solutions that would enable them to centrally view real-time video from remote locations.


Simcoe County turned to Aatel Communications Inc., an Ontario-based integration company that provides communication, security and life safety solutions. Aatel helped the county by suggesting a mix of Axis network video solutions including video encoders for streaming video from existing analog cameras to the central IT hub within the main administration building. For areas lacking coverage, new technology was chosen according to need. For example, to improve employee, tenant and patient safety, AXIS 216FD Network Cameras were installed in common areas at office, housing and care facilities. At parking lots and outdoor areas Axis PTZ network cameras were chosen to curb crime and ensure that walkways got shoveled during winter months. At a reception area where intense sunlight could possibly blind a security camera, the AXIS 211 was installed because of its auto iris vari-focal lens.


With Aatel’s guidance Simcoe County was able to leverage the use of existing systems at various locations and upgrade them to network video, allowing security officials to monitor video remotely. This provided significant savings and enabled the county to invest in additional equipment to answer other security needs.

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