IDC Frontier achieves efficient video surveillance with Axis

Migration from analog to network video helps IDC Frontier enhance data center security and improve customer service

“The work involved in camera system operation has been dramatically reduced, and the easy-to-read monitors have made controlling the system easy. What's more, the practical uses for recorded footage have also been broadened.“ Mr. Sasaki, Manager, Facility Dept., Technology Division, IDC Frontier.
Mission IDC Frontier Inc. has data centers at eight locations nationwide. Providing the best possible environment through a large-scale, high-capacity backbone infrastructure, its data centers support the businesses of many enterprises. IDC Frontier had been considering the implementation of a new camera system for its Shinjuku Data Center in Tokyo. Its existing system based on analog cameras and tape recorders, was beset with problems including the trouble involved with exchanging tapes, searching for specific recorded tapes and video footage, and with securing storage space for the tapes. The company needed to build a more scalable and flexible system, capable to adapt to future system expansion and needs. Solution From the initial stages of the system selection process, IDC Frontier had been considering adopting an IP-based system using network cameras and video management software. Another requirement was the ability of the cameras to support PoE (Power over Ethernet), in order to save costs associated with power supply and wiring. Emphasis was also placed on selecting network cameras based on industry standards to ensure easy integration with video management software and other systems. While investigating possible cameras, the fact emerged that the network cameras offered by Axis Communications met all of these criteria. The ArobaView® network camera management software from TriWorks Corp. was selected, and Net One Systems Co., Ltd. was chosen for system deployment, completing the installation in one month. At present, 60 AXIS 210A Network Cameras have been installed and are being operated throughout the data center. Result The network video system has eliminated labor-intensive tasks such as tape swapping and removed the need for tape storage space. In addition, since recorded video can be easily searched and played back, the practical uses of the data have been broadened. For example, the system can also be used to easily search through video for footage of who left something behind when a lost item is discovered. The system has also proved effective in monitoring the activities of visitors within the data center. The company changed its name to IDC Frontier Inc. on April 1, 2009

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