Municipalities to the north of Lodigiano feel safe with Axis

A consortium formed to cooperate and guarantee greater security inside these municipalities

“The effect was instant and positive for the security of citizens. By monitoring sensitive areas inside our municipalities we were able to identify some drug peddlers and vandals thanks to the high quality images.“Commander Spelta of Consorzio Nord Lodigiano's local police based in Montanaso Lombardo.


Consorzio Nord Lodigiano wanted to provide its municipalities with an unobtrusive and effective video surveillance system to ensure the safety of citizens.


To meet the demands of Consorzio dei Comuni del Nord Lodigiano, Net Engineering, a partner of Axis Communications, evaluated and implemented targeted video surveillance solutions. The municipalities wanted to monitor sensitive outdoor town areas; hence, the choice of different camera models: AXIS 221 Day & Night Network Cameras were installed for traffic control and for the surveillance of streets, squares and crossroads, while AXIS 232D+ Network Dome Cameras were chosen for green areas and playgrounds. The AXIS Camera Station video management software was installed to record and view recorded images. The entire configuration's control room is located at the Montanaso Lombardo Police Headquarters, under the constant guard of local policemen.


The excellent quality of images obtained even in extreme light conditions enabled uninterrupted monitoring of areas at risk, thus guaranteeing the safety and peace of citizens. The client was fully satisfied with the solution.

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