Axis and Encom help Lily O'Brien's protect their chocolate factory and its products

Network cameras help with site surveillance and product quality

“The facility to constantly monitor the chocolate making process using our Axis system has assisted us in maintaining the very high standards we set ourselves.“ Kevin Coleman, Process Manager, Lily O'Brien's.


Irish chocolate manufacturer Lily O'Brien's needed a surveillance system to monitor its main production facility in Newbridge, County Kildare. The company wanted to tackle security incidents within its car park, but also to use network cameras to monitor production processes.


Lily O'Brien's worked with leading Irish integrator and Axis partner Encom who installed seven AXIS 211 Network Cameras in external areas around the factory and the car park. Five AXIS 207 Network Cameras were used for the reception and corridors, and a further 10 AXIS 210 Network Cameras were installed to cover the factory floor. Encom also deployed 2 high-performance AXIS 214 PTZ Network Cameras for overseeing critical production processes and to help collect technical data. Encom worked together with Lily O'Brien's in-house IT team to ensure effective integration with their IP network. The system is monitored using AXIS Camera Station software capable of monitoring all 24 cameras. Images where motion is detected are stored for up to 20 days, recorded at four frames per second in VGA resolution onto an Intel-based server with two terabytes of capacity.


The Axis IP-Surveillance system has already proved its worth through the detection of several suspicious incidents in the factory's car park. It has also helped Lily O'Brien's chocolate production by allowing managers to quickly examine key processes remotely via their personal computers.

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