Axis provides crash course on school security with network video

Long Beach High School deploys surveillance system in 45 days

“It's a very proactive surveillance solution that helps everyone prevent minor problems from blowing up into full-scale incidents.“ David Antar, President and CEO of A+ Technology Solutions.


With graduation ceremonies less than two months away, Long Beach, New York school officials were concerned that minor scuffles might escalate into a serious incident. The Board of Education and the district superintendent mandated that a security system be installed at the high school before commencement to help administrators, faculty and staff head off problems. They expected surveillance in the remaining school district buildings to be up and running by the start of the new school year.


In just 45 days, A+ Technology Solutions, a Bay Shore, NY-based security integration firm, designed and installed an effective deterrent system based on network surveillance technology. Leveraging the district's existing wide area network, A+ Technology deployed several models of network cameras from Axis Communications in strategic locations throughout the school and its environments.


School principals can now monitor activity within their buildings, on their playing fields and their parking lots from consoles in their offices. Using two-way radios, they are able to share their observations with security personnel patrolling their facilities who can quickly intercede in minor problems before they get out of hand.

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Article in Security Technology & Design magazine, February 2008