Taiwanese government authority uses Axis network video technology for disaster prevention

Instant video surveillance of hydrological conditions plays a pioneering role

“The AXIS 214 PTZ Network Cameras' crystal-clear images, together with their 360-degree rotation and 24-hour monitoring of water-level changes, enable us to monitor our hydrological sites via a wireless microwave network, as well as to immediately transmit the hydrological video information to the relevant units. These aspects all serve as important reference information for decision-making in disaster prevention and relief.“ The Disaster Prevention Center of Ministerial Level.


Taiwan, due to its geographical location, is subject to fierce typhoons and torrential rains that occur seasonally each year. The rivers rise rapidly within short periods of time, flooding the land along the riverbanks and often causing heavy damage to crops as well as people's lives and assets. To strengthen the national system of disaster prevention and reduction, the government authority of Taiwan launched a construction plan known as the “Hydrological Conditions Instant Video Surveillance System“. The plan aims at building an instant video surveillance system covering the southwestern coastal areas with serious strata subsidence, the main reaches of the important rivers and the coastal wave run-up points. Once the depth of flooding exceeds the warning level, the system will automatically send back a report as a reference for emergency response.


The authorities deployed AXIS 214 PTZ Network Cameras and AXIS Camera Station video management software at the 150 hydrological sites throughout Taiwan, in order to monitor the water-level changes on a 360-degree basis 24 hours a day, and to immediately provide important reference information for decision-making in disaster prevention and relief. Additionally, ten sites with alarm management integrating flood reporting systems were built in Chiayi Dongshi, Budai and Yizhu.


The Axis network video solution allows the disaster prevention center to easily handle the operations of video surveillance, video recording and playback as well as alarm management remotely via the Internet. The solution, which features an advanced multi-window video viewing platform, allows staff at the national center to rapidly assess the situation and take immediate action in case of potential disaster.

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