Keiyo Logico Mobara Office aims for a safer and more reliable delivery service

Implementing an Axis network video system to secure the truck parking areas overnight and act as a crime deterrent

“We get full coverage of all the important areas with just a few cameras, and the images are clear. The image quality allows us to confirm what’s happening, which is important in terms of security.“ Mr. Misonoo, Section Chief, Mobara office, Keiyo Logico Co., Ltd.


Keiyo Logico Co., Ltd. has its headquarters and offices in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, and is expanding with the addition of new warehouses. It is a comprehensive delivery business based in the Keiyo region, delivering important packages to customers safely, quickly and reliably. One of the company’s branches is located in Mobara, where it owns and manages tankers used for transport and large trucks. The premises consist of offices, warehouses and parking lots. The parking lots are located at the offices and in the warehouse. Security was requested because few people enter and exit at night and the area is prone to blind spots.


The Mobara office investigated the introduction of a video surveillance system using network cameras as a night-time security measure. Four AXIS 221 Day & Night Network Cameras were installed outdoors in order to meet the primary goal of night-time video surveillance. The system includes video motion detection so that only actual incidents are recorded. The images are checked the following day. The company had to face several system deployment challenges, such as the considerable distance between the camera installation points and the office, and the lack of electrical power supply at installation points. Thanks to the Axis network cameras supporting Power over Ethernet, power could be supplied through the network cable, ensuring no extra cost for electrical work.


Several months have passed since the introduction of the Axis network video system, and the installed cameras have met the necessary security requirements. Visible at a glance, the Axis network cameras perfectly serve as deterrents against outsiders who might otherwise enter the premises without permission.

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